RPSL has vast experience in mobilizing expatriate consultants to Bangladesh market. RPSL is able to advise clients on the best way for them to proceed with their projects in Bangladesh. Our potential clients can and have access to our one-stop service to resolve any employment, labour, contractual, taxation, immigration, compliance and other related matters which affectsemployment of international consultants / employees.

Wherever they are working in Bangladesh, RPSL strives to ensure all of our consultants and employees arrive in country legally and start their project on time, with right documentations like work permits and visas with assurance that they are lawfully employed.

It must be borne in mind that, like most countries, employment without employment visa and work permit is prohibited in Bangladesh, whether paid or not or wherever they are paid.

RPSL immigration services include the following:

  • Arrangement of Employment Visa through RPSL employment facility
  • Arrangement of work permit and visas for foreign nationals through RPSL employment facilities.
  • Mobilization / demobilization of personnel
  • Transportation, accommodation and travel formalities for field staff.
  • Protocol and assistance services to expatriates of other companies:
  • Arrange Immigration / Visa services (like visa extension, category change, multiple visa)
  • Arrange customs clearance during arrival / departure of the staff.
  • Assist employees in obtaining local bank account in Bangladesh.
  • Airport reception and protocol
  • Work permits and immigration services
  • Security Clearance services
  • Manage in / outward remittance (FEX) on behalf of Employees
  • Settle the income tax routines for the employees as required by GoB
  • Manage / settle all personal legal arbitration relating to the employees
  • Arrange supplemental insurance not covered in basic insurance of employee.
  • Advisory services on Foreign Exchange remittances

Immigration requirements vary from country to country. For example, employment from Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh and India require Governments special approval/ clearance. Our fee would then include our pre-agreed professional fees plus such government fees as applicable. Fee would be charged separately for medical, reference checks and any skill training as demanded and expenses would be reimbursed from the the client.