Power Generation

Power Project

Radiant Project Services, in partnership with a leading consulting firm in Bangladesh, worked on and delivered a complete project plan with implementation schedule for an independent power project contract with the Bangladesh Power Development Board.  The work included

  • Initial project plan preparation and support to pre bid negotiations between consortium partners.
  • Detailed bid preparation and submission
  • Support for negotiation of PDB power purchase agreement.
  • Corporate advisory and support services,
  • Tax structuring to obtain the correct tax incentives and establish a tax efficient structure for the investment.

As an example, the advisory work included setting up of a new company, planning the accounting for and valuation of assets transferred to create the project, and supporting the client in setting up the processes and controls for accurate corporate compliance. Click here to see details of the task.

Click here to see a customized List of Approvals required for Power Plant Setup created for the client for this project.