Immigration guidelines in Bangladesh

Employment by foreign nationals can take the form of following visa categories:

E category:

  1. A) Experts / advisers / employees / Individuals appointed in government / semi-government/ autonomous
bodies / projects and equivalent organizations
  2. b) Individuals employed in local/ foreign government / semi-government/ liaison / Industrial / commercial organizations or other equivalent organizations
  3. c) Individuals appointed under local / foreign government / semi- government contractor ship and in equivalent organizations

E1 category: (individuals visiting for supply / installations / maintenance of equipment and software / supervision of project etc). These are issued for 90 days, renewable for another 90 days. No work permit is needed during this time. After that time, the employee will have to apply for the work permit.

A3 category: Experts / advisers / officials / staff members / labors working in any project under the bilateral / multilateral agreement between Bangladesh government and development partner agencies

FE category: Spouse and other dependent members of the Principal traveling on E /E1 category visa

FA3 category: Spouse and other dependent members of the Principal visiting with A3 category visa

Any default in complying with the immigration guidelines could result in penal consequences including deportation of the foreign citizen and adverse consequences for the organisation.

It is important that appropriate categories of visas are issued for the foreign nationals and their dependents including processing of visa extensions within the stipulated timeline.

Also, multiple issues on the tax and regulatory fronts need to be addressed by the companies and their employees including maintaining certain employment ratios. This may require a relook at the entire assignment structure and the underlying international assignment policies.