RPSL provides the following services in relation to Bangladeshi National staffing:

  • Process recommended CVs forwarded by client for engagement
  • If client requires, run circulation of advertisement, CV collection, Primary shortlisting and sending CVs to client.
  • Oversee Medical fitness test of personnel.
  • Engage the employment under contract / employment with RPSL
  • Cover the employee under group life insurance, hospitalization insurance and workman compensation insurance, in line with the requirements of the client.
  • Collect and verify timesheet from employee on closing of month.
  • Prepare calculation sheet in relation to monthly salary, OT and other payment after taking in to consideration AIT deduction for employees or in line with the requirement of the client company.
  • Process payment to each employee’s bank account.
  • Send each month pay slip to each of the employee.
  • Deposit of deducted AIT to National Exchequer before closing of financial year.
  • Provide tax Challan copy to employees.
  • Issue termination notice/letter to employee if advised by client.
  • Provide experience certificate to those contracted employees, if required.