RPSL is engaged in placement services for its clients within the country and outside of county. RPSL, through its experience and professionalism provides hiring solutions for its clients who seek to recruit right personnel for their organizations. By collecting details job terms and conditions from clients, RPSL recruitment team search for right candidates looking into strategies, research and competitive analysis of its resources and needs of its clients.

There are two options to find a required candidate:

Person required for permanent position; or

Person required for temporary or demand / project based positions.

These positions may be for operational, supervising, mid-management, senior management, senior executive or even at the skilled worker level.

In all cases, the client provides the following information:

  • Job position
  • Job Description/ responsibility
  • Qualification and experience
  • Technical certification
  • Offered salary (Daily or monthly)
  • Benefits: terminations, bonuses, accommodation, transport, medical, meals, laundry, holiday entitlements etc.
  • Contract terms, if applicable
  • Work location
  • Insurance coverage
  • Contract duration
  • Onshore/ off shore facilities
  • Rotations
  • Family entitlements

RPSL provides assistance to its clients in making the right and most cost-effective decision in choosing the right candidate for the role. Our permanent hiring capability can deliver international or national search-based solutions.

The way RPSL is offering this service is narrated in the following flowchart:

Client requisition received by RPSL recruitment Team
Candidates search through Job portals and also RPSL database system
CV scrutinized and Screened and sent shortlisted CVs to clients
Candidate selection by client for interview
Arrange of Interview on behalf of client
Final selection by Client

Reference checks, medical examinations are done as per requirement of the client.