Expatriate of high skill category within certain industrial sectors receive significant compensation in the form of salaries, allowances and benefits. However, international competitive biddings, changing global market condition along with resource sourcing from various regions is putting pressure on organisations to be cost conscious while remunerating employees in a tax-efficient manner.

BIDA prescribes a minimum salary structure for expatriates working in Bangladesh.

It is focused that the structure that is offered meet:

  • Minimum mandatory BIDA prescribed salary
  • Flexible and employee friendly in terms of relocations, rotations, work schedules
  • Meets contractual requirement of clients
  • Cost effective
  • Simple to administer
  • Tax efficient
  • Aligned with industry practices

Key service offerings: 

  • Use our salary database to match with package offered to the new client
  • Use global published salary review
  • Examine other compensation structuring options available to the organisation
  • Review BIDA salary recommendation
  • Analysis of the current employee compensation structure so as to:
    • advise on the tax implications thereof
    • weed out policies which are not cost effective due to administrative costs or potential litigation costs
  • Advise on the estimated tax liabilities based on potential compensation offerings
  • Design a standard manual containing payroll policies and procedures
  • Identify potential tax, interest and penalty exposure (if any) for regulatory violations.