This method is usually applied for selection at senior level where we are requested to undertake “complete search” assignment to locate suitable people without going for advertisement procedure. When such head hunting is carried out, it is expected that our client would provide all information and requirement in order to facilitate identify right candidate.


Our fee is calculated and based on salary for the position being filled in. Cost to be reimbursed for expenses incurred for conducting interview, selection and medical examinations which are required prior to finalization of candidate.

The fees are payable up on appointment of the candidate once the search, screening and interviews are completed. Should the recruit leave the client’s employment within 90 days without valid reason, RPSL would be obliged to find a suitable replacement at no cost, provided client settled the previous/ relevant invoice.
RPSL has been successful in recruiting people in all areas of operation, maintenance, construction, product design and development, particularly where unusual or rated skills are required.